Autor: Murphy, Bernice L. (Ed.)

Lugar de Publicación: Londres

Año: 2016

Páginas: 410

Editorial: Routledge

This volume provides an unparalleled exploration of ethics and museum practice, considering the controversies and debates which surround key issues such as provenance, ownership, cultural identity, environmental sustainability and social engagement. Using a variety of case studies which reflect the internal realities and daily activities of museums as they address these issues, from exhibition content and museum research to education, accountability and new technologies, this book enables a greater understanding of the role of museums as complex and multifaceted institutions of cultural production, identity-formation and heritage preservation. Benefitting from ICOM’s unique position in the museum world, this collection brings a global range of academics and professionals together to examine museums ethics from multiple perspectives and provides a more complete picture of the diverse activities now carried out by muséums. [Publisher’s abstract]